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Vote for Hannah - charity support in Peru and Tansania

By: hanniehatihati | 26-Mar-2014

Hi! I'm new to this site. I'm looking for as many votes as possible for a competition where one can win CHF 15'000 to travel the world and blog. I would like to use this to visit two charities, get traffic for the websites, launch a book on stories from people over the age of 100 and generate donations for the charity...

Here's where you can vote:

Scroll down to "Was wünscht man sich nach 100 Jahren" (Hannah Jewitt), click on vote, enter your email address and then confirm the email by going to your inbox and clicking on the link.

You can vote with multiple emails as well.

I would be extremely grateful for your vote -- please also send me info if i can help out with your endeavours.....!!

By: yeahboy - On: 30-Mar-2014 14:48
done :)
By: merjazzyxo - On: 29-Mar-2014 18:44
done! please rtf 1) Please like this facebook page first or the vote won't count

2) Then like my picture! My picture is #13¬if_t=photo_comment_tagged
By: aciddemo1 - On: 27-Mar-2014 05:46
I'm selling

*FACEBOOK different IP address Votes
*Website IP votes
*Twitter Tweets/Followers
*Instagram Likes/Followers
*Youtube Likes
*Google Plus Votes

Take a sec to read everything in my website:

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