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What is a voting partnership?

A voting partnership is an informal commitment of two individuals to incorporate each other's political will when voting at national elections in the country of origin. The aim of a voting partnership is a collaboration based on trust and mutual understanding for political concerns in the respective country of residence and the country of origin.

Does Vote-Exchange undermine the right to vote in my home country?

Vote-Exchange does not breach existing electoral laws. Your right to cast your vote in free and fair elections will not be touched. Moreover, the right of free speech and expression encourages the exchange of political views. The motto of Vote-Exchange is 'Discuss and vote!'.

Why do we need Vote-Exchange?

Vote-Exchange is a vehicle to raise awareness for the paradox of the European integration process. With this project we want to strengthen transnational discourses about national politics in the EU. To live up to the ideals of the Charta of the EU and to guaranty the equality in participation and recognition of all EU-citizens, Vote Exchange is unique in addressing major democratic challenges in the EU.

Who is the target group?

The target group comprises of EU-expatriates in all 27 member states. All together this concerns around 12 million people.

Can I change my voting partner?

If you feel you need to break up a voting partnership, you are free to do so. Before doing so, consider the following: Frequent changes may undermine your reputation, so act wisely.

Can I sell my vote to others?

We forbid any attempts to subvert basic voting principles. Whoever makes an attempt to sell his or her vote to third parties on this platform will be excluded from The account will be terminated immediately and the mail address will be blocked from this platform permanently.

Is my data secure?

Citizens For Europe e.V. will not sell or disclose any data to third parties.

Does the translation tool work properly?

The website was developed to work in English. The translation tool does not work perfctly.

If you have further questions, please let us know. Write a mail at office[at]!

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Finnish in United Kingdom
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Swedish in Malta
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Austrian in Austria
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Austrian in Austria
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British in Denmark
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