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Forum topic #213

FB vote / return vote

By: sergiogv | 16-Dec-2012

Could you please vote me in this Facebook contest?

If you want a vote in return, please post the number of your vote and the link of your contest.

I'm online now, ready to vote you back. ;)


By: aynaadanzo - On: 18-Dec-2012 04:07
Hello need Facebook likes/votes or votes in per IP voting contest?
Visit my website for more info:
By: mieszko1987 - On: 17-Dec-2012 20:57

I can exchange votes 8x8 max. simple app. just vote and give me nr of yr vote and yr link.

you need to click "NIE CHCE" below my photo of "56k modem" by Mieszko Majewski.

HINT (where is vote button) :

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