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Help, we need votes to win toys for my friend's two years old daughter =D

By: cerisegrise | 05-Dec-2012

Hello, i'm trying to help a friend who needs your votes !
Here you can find her blog:
Juste go on the pink square and click on "votez ici" you will be redirected on FB. Now click on the button "Participer" ( in the middle of the pix ) anf find "La cabane dans les nuages" by Aurore D (on the second page)
I will do the same for you if you need any help for your competition (and sorry for my bad english !)

By: aynaadanzo - On: 07-Dec-2012 04:21
Hello need Facebook likes/votes or votes in per IP voting contest?
Visit my website for more info:
By: kikaavelar - On: 06-Dec-2012 01:49
Please vote for me too!

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